Monday, July 19, 2010

Testing the Test Kitchen

Ever wonder why your re-creation of a masterpiece cover shot looks a little more...shall we say...rustic?
Don't feel bad. It's because your rendition is real food and that photo is probably an airbrushed wedge of foam rubber! Check out the perfectly even geometric layers. I couldn't accomplish that with a level and screed pole. You likely won't either. You can find the recipe and video tutorial here:
The second shot had a much better view, and cleaner edges. Alas...still no perfectly level layers. It looked scrumptiously imperfect to me. I didn't do too bad with the chocolate curls either. You can see all three layers too. The bottom layer was a flourless chocolate cake, topped by a layer of chocolate mousse sandwiched in a top layer of white chocolate mousse. Heavenly decadence. While I'm sure presentation is key (when you're selling magazines), the real test comes from the reaction of the tasters. If the recipe isn't good, it doesn't matter how many pretty pictures you take. As you can see, one of my tasters arrived early, like late at night in her nightgown. It didn't matter that the cake was not fully assembled yet. That would be taster #94 who always feels she can make a better decision with her hearing aids out and glasses off. There is only one of the five senses going here...pure, unadulterated taste.

Nothing else matters...even a camera stuck in her face.

Taster #93 appears and the cake-eating contest begins!

But #94 is not to be outdone...EVER! #93's genteel mannerisms will not beat her! Oh! The contest is getting dirty now!

I'll show you!

Taster #94 declared herself the clear winner and in a blur much too fast for our camera man...scored the prize of a SECOND piece of cake. (No lie! See those "finger trails" where that first piece disappeared?)