Thursday, October 2, 2008

Three new Pug rescues all at once!

Three new rescues all at once! They're making themselves right at home, all breathing like a fireplace bellows. You'd think the excitement would wear off in a couple hours. They're still panting.

Our organization has been inundated with rescues this year. I heard someone say we may be approaching the 300 mark before year end.
These guys are young, only a couple years old. It's almost impossible to take a good picture of a black dog, but this fella is really a cutie.


Barb said...

How amazing that you do this. I know I don't have what it takes ~ I so admire you. They are cute little guys.

I, Robot said...

Yep, they are cute. Fortunately, we already have a dog. A used one, but still... :-)

Judy said...

I have plenty of help! :) I'm grateful for the understanding PRONC has given me during this time. They were "in" last night and will be "out" tonight. I've arranged transport to take them to foster homes within our org.

You can't feel sorry for the dogs or you will burn out. Once you learn how dogs see the world, you know you don't have to feel sorry for them. They live in the moment.
If they were homeless and abused, well that was yesterday...and it's gone now. They respond and adjust very quickly to love.

See how excited these guys were to run all over my house? They were a little standoffish at first. I handled them only as much as I had to get them inside and settled. They came around fast.

We can all learn from our creatures.

I, Robot said...

So true.

Jane said... are so amazing woman! That is so true.

Chris said...

My Gosh Judy,

I always wondered when you were going to start that book! I knew you had it in you, now I can look forward to seeing it with my own eyes unfolding and blooming into a “Best Seller” novel.

You have always had a special talent and a way with words, love and best wishes my friend.