Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Continuing Saga of CG (SeeGee)

While far from perfect, and with a much less than real "groomer" (ME!), CG the Sheltie, is finally clean, brushed and 80% de-matted. Shall I begin to tell you what a feat that was?
First-off, I don't own a pair of clippers.
Secondly, I am clueless how to use them if I did. The third issue was the real charmer; any scissors that could be found had long given up any intention of cutting anything. After much ado and frustration, I finally found a pair of manicure scissors with curved one-inch blades. It was a lot like picking up a bowling ball with eyebrow tweezers, but WE MANAGED! Here she is doing her down and back and preen for the camera. Not bad for a couple of old girls!
Animal Control gave CG's owner 24 hours to get her to the vet for medical treatment or they would confiscate her. Her owner surrendered her to me instead. I've contacted a Sheltie rescue, but I have not heard the decision of their board as to how they can help her. Stay tuned.

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I, Robot said...

Wow, Judy, good luck with her, and let us know if we can do anything to help.